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Hello! My name is Carson and I'm an American college student. I am naturally very curious, but since I never fell down a rabbit hole to have my own adventure, I'll have to be content with obsessing over movies, books, and TV shows. On this blog expect to find lots of Disney, Sherlock, Once Upon a Time, and Doctor Who. There also may be some Harry Potter, superheros , Star Wars, vloggers, other tv shows, or what ever I feel like, because after all it is my blog. If you follow me, leave me a message. I would love to get to know you.  I'll check out your blog as well.  I hope you enjoy this site, and have a magical day!

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Avengers Opinion

So, I kinda hope we see some of the “sidekicks” like War Machine and Falcon and Sif in an Avengers movie. Obviously there are already a lot of characters and not enough time to focus on them, but it would make since if they showed up for some of the battles, right?

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Can I just say I really want the Black Panther to make an appearance on Agents of SHIELD.

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Head cannon where Fitz is huge Toby Stark fanboy because he is engineering and Stark is also an engineer and an inventor and super cool. And the only person who understands the extent of his man crush is Simmons, because he is kinda embarrassed by it.

And then also maybe Simmons is a huge fan of Doctor Banner (because biochem and nuclear physics are related right? I don’t know. I don’t speak science). And the science bros get together with Fitzsimmons and it is all science and geekiness and friendship, i mean how cute would that be?!?

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I don’t know what I was expecting

but it definitely wasn’t that

/standing ovation


The Avengers: Scenes in which we are reminded that even superheros have their limits. 1 of 3 Captain America and Thor.

can you imagine if I order a pizza from pizza hut, dominos, and papa johns and told them to be at my house by a certain time and they all came at the same time do you know how awkward that would be

#I’m here to talk to you about the Pizza Initiative



#I love how Chris Hemsworth is totally going into Thor mode and is absolutely ‘COME HERE, LITTLE JEREMY! I WILL PROTECT YOU FROM MY BROTHER’S INFERIOR AIM WITH MINI-MORTAL-MJOLNIR!’

Thor mode


Son, just… just take a minute here to just… just analyse… just… just think…. just look at us… just… son… son, just… son, just don’t.