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Hello! My name is Carson and I'm an American teenage girl. I am naturally very curious, but since I never fell down a rabbit hole to have my own adventure, I'll have to be content with obsessing over movies, books, and TV shows. On this blog expect to find lots of Disney, Sherlock, Once Upon a Time, and Doctor Who. There also may be some Harry Potter, Hunger Games, superheros (I am in love with the Avengers), Star Wars, vloggers, other tv shows, or what ever I feel like, because after all it is my blog. If you follow me, leave me a message. I would love to get to know you.  I'll check out your blog as well.  I hope you enjoy this site, and have a magical day!

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How people watch Disney movies.
  • Under 12 years old : aw Princesses.
  • Acting divas : i wonder if i can face character her in Disneyland, -imitates the character- yup, i can !
  • Singing trainees : Woah that chick can sing ............. THAT WAS A VERY GOOD HIGH NOTE.
  • DreamWorks fans : How To Train Your Dragon is still better.
  • Romantics : -sobs- omg this is ..... no ... -sobs- ..... i can't ...
  • Animation students : That's Glen Keane's .. yup definitely, oh and look at Andreas Deja animating characters that aren't villains.
  • Parents : What a good cartoon.
  • Disney bloggers : THAT is the part i'm gonna gif first.
  • Disney fans : HIDDEN MICKEY.
  • Disney fanatics : talk, and i'll slit your throat, i've been waiting of this for 18 months and 24 days.
  • Creative Writers: That line. That line. Right there. you never forget that line. That was the best written line. Never forget.
  • Walt Disney: hello friends i am dead


I either have a fiercely strong opinion or I don’t give a fuck at all



"We may."

The moment Anna knows Kristoff’s gonna dive right into the kiss…

Why yes I do like cute Disney couple kisses

Next girl I kiss, I’ll pull of a Kristoff with a consent request followed by an excitingly, passionate kiss



it’s gotten to the point where i cant even call what im doing “procrastinating” anymore, i should just be calling it “jeopardizing my future”

Accurate post is accurate

Get to know your Tumblr-er

What is your middle name? Lenore

What are you passionate about? Storytelling, in all forms 

Zebra or leopard print? Yuck

Do you have any fears? Of course.  Some that come to mind are heights, elevators, scorpions, the dark, failure, everybody is only pretending to like me

Silver or gold? Silver

Top three places to visit: New Zealand, Italy, France, anywhere…

Where are you from?Tennessee

First career you wanted as a child: Architect 

What’s your sign?:  Aquarius, I think

Future names of your children: I’ve always really liked the name Alice, also my middle name Lenore is a family name that will  be passed on, I like Peter for guys, so yeah, I imagine naming my kids after fictional characters, but I’m flexible, it changes 

What are you listening to right now? Shrek the Musical, my theatre department is doing it this spring

Do you believe in fate/destiny? I don’t really believe in any kind of predestination because I feel like that takes freewill out of the equation.  I do believe in True Love, though.

What are your career goals?  Hell if I know.  It changes more than it did when I was a kid.  I kinda really want to work for Disney, but I don’t know what.  I’ve also thought about politics/international relations or law….

What is your favorite color? Blue

What is your favorite flower? Tulip

What was the first concert/show you attended? Hilary Duff!

Something you are working on right now: Finishing this post

Have you ever had a near-death experience? One time I think I nearly drowned in the ocean, I got caught in the undertow, I don’t know if I was actually close to dying, I’m a pretty strong swimmer and there were lots of people around, but at the time I thought I was going to die so…

Are you a procrastinator or do you get things done early? I used to be the type to get things done early but high school has changed me

Left or right handed? Right

TV Shows and anime you watch regularly: Um, Once Upon a Time, Agents of Shield, How I Met Your Mother, Parks and Rec and Downton Abby are the shows I watch that are on now, I do most of my TV watching on Netflix, where I watch it all at once, not “regularly”

Halloween costume idea for this year? 

I think next year I will be a Star Trek officer.  This past Halloween I was CInderella.

What is your relationship status? Crying over fictional characters

Last movie you watched? Last night I watched part of Christmas story, the last movie I watched in full was Atlantis:The Lost Empire, I’ve watched ALOT of movies this last week

Thoughts on Elsa’s powers

So normally Elsa’s powers just make ice and snow and cold wind, but with Olaf and Marshmallow (the ice monster) she is able to animate them, bring them to life.  Which is a big deal.  She didn’t even know she could do that.  Why can’t she do that all the time?  Why, when Hans and the guards were attacking, why didn’t she make another Marshmallow?  So I was thinking about that, while meditating on the line, “Love’s a force that’s powerful and strange” (see that post here http://curiouscarson.tumblr.com/post/69545499019/frozen-discussion).  And I developed a theory, call it a head cannon if you will.  My theory is this when Elsa’s winter powers combine with the power of love (resists urge to sing) she is able to bring things to life.  WAIT! Before you dismiss this as a crazy, cheesy, crackpot theory, here me out.

Olaf is an exact reproduction from Elsa’s happiest memory, back when everything in her life was perfect, back before she realized how dangerous her powers were, back when she and Anna were friends.  To Elsa, Ola represents Anna, their friendship, childlike innocence.  In that moment she was channeling all of her love for Anna into her powers, which is what animated Olaf.  Furthermore, Olaf’s personality, loving, caring, naive to a fault, optimistic, happy, full of hopes and dreams Olaf is everything that Anna and those memories mean to Elsa.

On the other hand, Marshmallow is grumpy, violent, temperamental, disengaging, cold (in both senses of the word).  Marshmallow is the other side of Elsa, the older Elsa.  Think of when Elsa made Marshmallow, right after “For the First Time in Forever Reprise” Elsa is worried and frightened and disgusted with herself.  She doomed her kingdom.  She can no longer be the dutiful queen she had been for years or the carefree, wild person she was trying to be, the person in “Let It Go”. She is trapped and confused.  “I’m such a fool.  I can’t be free.  No escape from the storm inside of me.   I can’t control the curse.  Oh Anna please you’ll only make it worse.  There is so much fear.  You’re not safe here.”  She can’t control her powers and she wants Anna to go away so that she can be safe.  Elsa doesn’t trust herself to keep Anna safe.  Anna is being optimistic, bubbly, caring girl she always is and Elsa can’t take it anymore.  She doesn’t know how to be with Anna, she just knows how to keep her safe.  She wants Anna to leave her alone. She wants Anna to go back to Arendale and live a happy life without her.  So when she makes Marshmallow, she is channeling her love into her winter powers, but it’s a twisted, confused, angry, scared type of love.  So the product is thee angry Marshmallow, with the one purpose of kicking out Anna. 

So in conclusion, basically what I’m saying is Love makes Elsa’s powers more powerful.  Which is kindof already established in the movie.  They are stronger when she is emotional, whether that emotion is sadness, or happiness, or fear, or guilt.  The more intense her emotion the stronger her powers, she just makes random snow and ice. When the emotions are negative: sad, guilty, lonely, scared, stressed, she can’t control the powers.  When the emotions are positive: happy and love, she can control the powers.  It is then that she is able to make specific things like stairs, a castle, a chandelier, and a dress, and ice skates.  It is then that she is able to bring things to life.  And also she can use the positive emotions, to take away the ice and cold and snow.

What do you think?  Am I just making stuff up, or is there validity to my arguments? 

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Frozen Discussion

So a lot of Disney movies have one line that summarizes the themes of the movie.

For example,

Cinderella: “No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dreams that you wish will come true.”

Lion King: “The past can hurt, but you can either run from it, or you can learn from it.”

Pinocchio: “Always let conscious be your guide.”

Meet the Robinsons: “Keep moving forward.”

This line can be sung or spoken. It is not always the best known line from the movie.  “Hakuna Matata” and “When You Wish Upon a Star” are well known, but don’t relate to the message of the movie.  It is not always clear what this line is, and you may disagree with me.  Princess and the Frog could be “That old star can only take you part of the way. You got to help it with some hard work.” Or “Never lose sight of what’s important.” Or “Dig a little deeper.”  Or perhaps something else I’m not thinking about. 

All that being said I want to start a discussion about what line in Frozen you think sums up the movie.  I think that line is:

“Love’s a force that’s powerful and strange.  People make bad choices when they’re mad or scared or stressed, but throw a little love their way, and you’ll bring out their best.” 

This line is taken from Fixer Upper and I think all of the characters exemplify this line somehow in the movie. 

Elsa- Elsa is scared and stress which is what causes her to in advertently make the winter, but her love for Anna fixes the problem, i.e. brings out her best.  Love “is a force” even more powerful than her winter powers.

Anna- Because she doesn’t feel loved, she makes bad choices like getting engaged to someone she met a few hours ago.  She is at her best when she loves.  Her love for Elsa makes her the warm, compassionate, optimistic person she is.  She shows other people this love and it brings out the best in them.  “love is …strange” she is just beginning to understand it.  Love is a powerful force. The co-director and writer, Jennifer Lee, called Love Anna’s superpower. Unlike Elsa who has magical powers, Anna is ordinary, and the only things she really has going for her is hope, determination, and love.  But love is more powerful and in the end the love between Anna and Elsa saves both of their lives and ends the winter.

Kristoff- the person who the line was originally sung about.  Basically, when he is alone he is a grumpy, sarcastic, loner, but “true love brings out the best.” And when he is with people he loves like his family or sven or mostly Anna, he is sweet, and easy going, and cute, and sarcastic is the funny goofy way, not the thinks-reindeer-are-better-than-people-and-only-cares-about-ice way.

Hans- always ignored, never loved, which is why he makes bad choices. 

Olaf- shows everybody love, brings out there best.  Risks his “life” to take care of the people he loves.  His love keeps him animated. 

For more, see here where I talk about Anna’s character development  http://curiouscarson.tumblr.com/post/68845682079/annas-character-development

and here I talk about how Elsa’s powers relate to love


Please tell me what you think is the key line and why. 

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Track Title: Je Voudrais Un Bonhomme De Neige

Artist: Coralie Thuilier And Emmylou Homs And Issia Lorrain

Album: La Reine Des Neiges (Bande Originale Française Du Film)



Je Voudrais Un Bonhomme De Neige (Do You Want To Build A Snowman ?) - Coralie Thuillier and Emmylou Homs


…actually crying at ALL the voices

If possible the lyrics to the third verse are even sadder in french.
My understanding, which may be wrong, i am a native English speaker and 5th year french student:

Can you open the door,
Why do you always stay closed,
They say be strong, (something)
But i need you, to succeed
We have no other people, no more family
What kind of future for us
Do you want you build a snowman?

Sobs! Interesting: in the english lines ( i’m right out here for you/ please let me in) are about anna trying to be there for elsa, but the french words (But i need you, to succeed ) are about anna needing elsa.

Anna’s Character Development

Everyone has been talking about Elsa’s character development, which is great.  I love her character and everything about her journey.  But I wanted to take a moment to share my thoughts about Anna, because I love her.  Feel free to agree, disagree, comment, and continue the conversation.

In the beginning there is childlike Anna: happy, imaginative, quirky, naïve.

However, she is unsure of herself.  She wants to know who she is.  Because she has no clue.  She is trying to decide what kind of person she will be and where she will fit in the world.  Unlike her sister who is destined to be queen, or all of the servants around her who have their jobs, she doesn’t know what her purpose in life is.  In a deleted song, she says that she feels like “just a spare.”

Furthermore, she is lonely, desperate for love.  Sure, her parents loved her, but her sister’s absence has severely damaged her, more that she’ll admit.  Her whole life she has been trying to rekindle their relationship.  In “-Snowman” we see that though years have passed, and her sister has rejected her hundreds of times, she still asks her sister to play with her.  When their parents die, although Anna is crushed and grieving, her first concern is of her sister.  Anna doesn’t know how to not care. She cares so much about everyone, especially her sister.  And this seemingly unreciprocated love weighs heavily on Anna.

Also, she has had little contact with the world outside her castle.  She has interacted with the same small group of people her whole life.  All of this makes her lonely, needy, and insecure.  However, she doesn’t see this in herself.  If you could ask her, she would interpret her “desperate for love,” as desperate for change, for adventure, for newness.

The day the open the gates, she if finally “getting what (she’s) dreaming of.”  Anna is a dreamer. All her life she has made up stories and adventures to entertain her.  She has pretended to be like the portraits on the walls.  But none of her dreams ever come true.  Until, coronation day.  And just as she was singing about meeting the love of her life, she meets Hans, who is perfect, exactly what she wants.  Of course she feels something for him, and because she doesn’t know any better, she thinks what she is feeling is love.  Hans creates a false since of confidence.

Her development continues when she has to leave to find Elsa.  As she adventures, faces challenges and over comes them, she realizes she is capable, independent, and important her self-confidence grows immensely.  This confidence is genuine and comes from a place of selflessness. 

At this point in her journey she is so optimistic, and hopefully, and confident, that even though her sister literally freezes her heart she still believes in her.  During their confrontation, when Elsa says she can’t unfreeze the winter, Anna’s response is a display of her ceaseless optimism: “of course you can, I know you can.” And no matter how hard Elsa tries to push her away, Anna still tries to comfort and work with her sister.  She has finally found the friend she lost long ago, she understands why they fell apart, and she is determined to not let it happen again.

 Then the major turning point in Anna’s development is when Hans true nature is revealed.  Because she always, ALWAYS sees the best in people, so Hans betrayal, wasn’t just the end of her “love” it was the first time someone was cruel to her, her first experience with that kind of pure betrayal.  Not only did she never imagine that HE would betray HER, she never could imagine that anyone would treat someone like that. 

To make matters worse Hand reads her like an open book and knows just what to say.  “If only someone loved you.”  “Little Anna, so desperate to be loved.”  She realizes she was desperate to be loved, desperate to be appreciated.  She had been needy and annoying.  All of the confidence she had been building has been misplaced.  And for a moment she loses hope, and in that moment she loses herself.  She realizes she has no clue what love is.

Luckily Olaf comes along and tries to tell her what true love is.  She is still confused and disoriented and unsure.  But Olaf helps her find herself again.  Because she can’t help seeing the good in him, she can’t help caring for him.  And that’s who she is, she cares, she finds the good, she trusts, and she hopes.  And now that she has found herself she can fight for herself.

And she can fight for her sister.  And she can sacrifice herself for her sister.  Because Kristoff, she’s not certain about.  She doesn’t know if he loves her, or if she loves him. But she is sure she loves her sister.

The biggest thing Anna learns is that she is loved.  Her confidence improves, as does her maturity.  But most importantly, she knows she is loved.  She has solved the great mystery of her life: why did her sister pushed her away?  Because her sister loved her.  Now that she knows, their love only goes stronger.  And her sister isn’t the only source of love.  She has new friends like Olaf.  And a new more-than-friends, Kristoff.  But you get the feeling that she has learned her lesson and won’t rush into anything.  And now that the gates are open, she can meet hundreds of new friends throughout the kingdom.  She has said goodbye to the insecurity and loneliness that has plagued her for her entire life. Anna will always be that quirky, awkward, ridiculously optimistic girl, but her experiences in the movie change her.

In conclusion, I’ll leave you with a quote by Jennifer Lee, the movies co-director and writer, that I think shows what I’m trying to say:

“We knew her journey, we knew that Anna was an ordinary girl that’s got love as her only ‘superpower,’ really. And that her journey is going to go from not understanding love (because like all of us at eighteen, growing up, we don’t), to mature love and the ultimate kind of understanding which is, you know, the sacrifice you’re willing to do for love.”

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To the tune of “do you want to build a snowman”

Do you want to talk ‘bout frozen?
There’s so much i want to say
I think it’s really great!
But hate to wait,
It’s been like five whole days!
Can we talk about the characters
Or the catchy tunes,
Did you think it was too cliche?
Come on let’s talk ’ bout frozen?
(Please tell me you’ve see frozen)
Yay or nay?

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“Once she was gone, I knelt next to Annabeth and felt her forehead. She was still burning up.
"You’re cute when you’re worried," she muttered. "Your eyebrows get all scrunched together."
"You are not going to die while I owe you a favor,” I said. “Why did you take that knife?”

Also, I feel like this scene is a real turning point in their relationship.  This is where they start acting like the Percabeth we see in HoO.  Everything about them just becomes so much deeper at this point.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve shipped Percabeth since “You drool when you sleep.”  And their relationship in the PJO books is adorable, and frustrating with all the “when will they get together” and “percy why are you such an idiot” moments.” And as cute as it is, what they have here, and from this point on is so much more meaningful than that.  It’s I have your back and you have mine.  It’s you’re the only person I can truly and completely trust.  It’s I hope I never have to battle without you at my side.  They’re two parts of a whole.  They’re emotionally inseparable.  It’s true love!

Sorry it’s just these two give me so many feels and I love this scene.

Can I just say I really want the Black Panther to make an appearance on Agents of SHIELD.

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I have 3 different personalities.
  • the one where I’m out-going and loud.
  • the one where I’m shy and quiet as fuck
  • the one where I hate everyone and every little thing bothers me.

finally someone understands me